DR Blog, Here They Come! 

It’s been nearly 2 years in development, from the four prototype versions I hand built in my garage, transferring my handcrafted designs to 3D data to bringing the contract manufacturer up to speed. The environmental tests, cosmetics, covers, caster plate designs and finally the first batch is enroute. 

Soon will have spec sheets and more info.

I actually have been developing this specific subwoofer design concept for over 12 years now and here is a picture of a 15″ version that I use as my home stereo subwoofer.

They have come a long way and when we release more info it should explain why this specific design offers some distinct advantages

Happy Thanksgiving and I am so happy the be home for 10 days.

Yay C-street surfing, yay family, yay pups yay Rat family, yay friends.  Not necessarily in that exact order but yay all!




Author: Dave Rat

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