Glasgow Show Day

Well hello my little comrade. Happy little guy found a present.

Many years ago I had a pet squirrel named Tibet. She wod follow me around the house, if I tapped my chest she clamor up my leg and hop on my shoulder. Sometimes if I sat on the floor she would run circles around me and roll on her back showing her long scary teeth Acting like she would bite me, but just ever so gentle play bites before leaping in the air and circling again.

Show 2 at o2 London arena went well as well. Second shows always have a bit of an advantage sound wise from the fine tuning of the first night. We actually return for a 3rd night  days and three cities later

My bus avoidance adventures continue and after the gig I stayed back in London for the day off with Kim and up early for a 4 hour show day train ride to Glasgow. 

Since I did not spend my life traveling the world in order to embrace a lack of experiences, guess what I chose for dinner tonight?

Once again the the Brompton makes a spare hour unwasted.

I try and offer a sonic tidbit of advice with each blog post so for for today I will share some insight into getting and maintaining gigs. 

What we are selling as sound sound engineers is not really a perfect show, npr is it technical complexity. The shows will never be perfect, they will only be at most, the best that can be done with the given challenges at hand. Ultimately whether you have a crazy complicated setup that requires tons of work or a simple one that is nearly auto pilot, makes no difference to the audience, the band, management or show reciewers.

What we sell is confidence. Confidence that when the band walks on stage that they do not need to worry that their sound will be delivered. Confidence that best will be done to connect the artists with the audience and to the listener what matters is that they have an experience they can feel. That for those few hours, the world fades away and they can immerse in the moment.

Confidence is built on trust and and held by delivering consistently over time.

And now we are mid set change so it’s time to refocus on mixing a rock show.




Author: Dave Rat

Sound consultant, sound system designer, curious human