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Rat Plate

6000 seat arenas, 1/2 Semi

We specifically designed and configured a system to cover theaters/small arenas that occupies less than 1/2 of a standard touring semi. Combine this system with a matching lighting system and up and coming bands can tour with full production on a limited budget.


48 box, 64,000 watt system consisting of:

  • 32 Rat Trap himids
  • 16 dual 18" subs
  • 40 or 56 channel FOH board
  • 32 ch. support FOH board
  • 40 channel monitor board
  • 10 triamped or biamped monitor mixes
  • 10 wedges (15"/10"/2")
  • Sidefills with subs
  • Drumfill with sub
  • 250' 52 ch. snaking system
  • Motors, Rigging and Steel

Fits into:

This is an actual system that has done many tours in the single semi format (sound, lights and backline). Touring with a single semi allows acts to carry touring production on while maintaining a tight budget. Surprisingly, truck space and the associated costs of an additional truck, are often overlooked in the bidding process and should be taken into account when considering the cost of a potential system.. Our 72 box 20,000 capacity arena PA occupies a single semi trailer while typically 2 to 3 trucks is the accepted norm for a other sound companies. In order to achieve the unparalleled efficiency in system size, every aspect of case design and system packaging has been optimized to eliminate wasted space.

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