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Rat Plate


The Rat Trap 5 is the result of 16 years of design and testing, at Rat Sound . Though we refer to them as Himids or Hipacks, they are actually full range boxes, usable down to 40 Hz. The ultra compact 4 way design provides an extremely flat full range response. The close proximity of the drivers assures superior component coupling and greatly reduces phase interference.

There are two variations of the Rat Trap 5: the Short Throw, which has 90 degree horns, and the Long Throw, which uses 60 degree horns and a higher power 1" driver. It varies from venue to venue but typically the short throws make up the bottom two rows of the fly array.


  • Each box contains two EV 15" speakers, two EV 10" speakers, one JBL 2" driver, and one EV or TAD 1" driver.
  • Usable Frequency Response: 40hz to 22khz. (22khz Short Throw, 19khz Long Throw)
  • Active quad amped.
  • External dimensions 35.5 H x 29.5 W x 17.5 D
  • 15 degree trapezoidal.
  • 220 Lbs.
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