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Rat Plate

Very Long Throw Horn Pack 

In late 1995 Rat Sound added a long throw Hornpack design to the arena and stadium system configurations. These boxes have 6 - 40 by 20 degree horns and the baffle is split in the vertical axis.


  • Each box contains two EV 2" drivers and four EV 1" drivers on a +-7.5 degree vertically split baffle.
  • Frequency Response 500hz to 19khz. Active biamped.
  • External dimensions 35.5 H x 29.5 W x 23.5 D.
  • 15 degree trapezoidal.
  • 3600 watts powers each group of eight 2" drivers.
  • 2600 watts to power each group of sixteen 1" drivers.
  • In the fly array it can achieve up to 24 degrees of back tilt.
  • 230 Pounds
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