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FOH or Front of House... One of the best places for us sound nerds as the master himself, Dave Rat, sometimes calls us.

The name itself is a bit misleading since FOH is very seldom located at the front of the house but more often in the middle of the house or sometimes even at the back of the house.

But FOH is the place where most of what happens on stage is controlled or at least influenced.

At FOH you can see thousands of knobs, LEDs, faders, displays which all look very impressive.

At FOH all those little electrons created by the musicians on the stage are collected, blended, forced into differnt shapes, multiplied with other electrons and then sent back to the stage, where they are again multiplied with other electrons, pushed through some strange looping roller coasters that eventually, with the help of a lot of paper force air pressure changes, which again makes the audience bob their heads.

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