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Many fun themes have been displayed by the creative roadies that worked on the latest Red Hot Chili Pepper tour. The tour lasted over a year and a half on the road so there was plenty of time to display various themes.


Shopping for this was easy as they have a special store just for people who want to be pirates:

They went all out and decorated FOH beautifully

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, there be Pirates at FOH!

A couple of pirates who were keen at finding booty all around the world

This brave swashbuckling pirate looks as if he’s ready to fight, but actually is recording the temperature of the room with his sword so that adjustments could be made for the greatest sound the audience ever heard


During the winter months of the tour, the FOH masterminds decided to bring a beachy feel to their home away from home

It takes a lot of hot air to keep blowing up this tree show after show…

Oooh, check out the coconuts on these roadies

Look, the VooDoo witch doctor doll can take a mean temperature too

Not long after they added a couple of jungle friends to their Paradise in the Midst


Fall - one of the most beautiful seasons to be enjoyed and they brought it out into the Midst . . . the nice thing about this is no raking is needed.

Roadie Leif blends right in

Uh oh, and unexpected snow storm has hit!

Have you ever had to shovel off a control board?

Looks like they got 3-4 inches of the white stuff

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