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Another aspect of merit that Roadies are known for is fearlessness. Legend has it that many centuries ago when Roadies were wandering warriors and sensed an imminent threat, they would latch themselves onto their foes and hurl themselves from high places. Although this is a rare and never before seen Roadie trait, here is a prime example of fearlessness:


Above, perched in attack mode, notice how Roadie Daniel firmly grips the fabric of his handler's shirt utilizing the "pinch" method of attaching himself to the fabric. Perhaps this fabric pinch is a genealogical remnant action from ages past.

Following we see a Roadie in the early stages of life, and while he is with his guardian and protector, he still instinctually displays the fabric pinch:


Video of Roadie Fearlessness in action; Dave Rat Backward Bungy Jump [1]

Roadies in New Zealand Bungy Jump, including a fearless Ratketeer.[2]

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