Glorified Carney's or Bliss

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Glorified Carney's or Bliss

Article from Live Sound International Magazine

How beautiful is it to crawl out your personal hiding space called a bus bunk , which is strikingly similar to those forts you built out couch pillows as a kid? Good morning sunshine! As you swing open the bus door stepping out into a brand new world completely different than the one you closed the door on last night. Friends and familiar faces surround you and then you build big lights and sound and music comes and humans filled with excitement gather each day. There you are, roaming freely while so many others are restricted and just as brandishing a silver cross relegates vampires to cowering, you effortlessly deflect the security guards attempting to block your path by waving your ‘all access’ laminate. Your work may be hard and the hours long but a complete layer of responsibility has been peeled away from your life. Your drivers license could be expired, everything you own could be in storage, your girlfriend has no idea where you are or what your doing and you can drink cause you do not have to drive. Possibly for the first time in your life you are completely mentally free and solely surrounded by ‘your people.’ All you need to do is whatever you wish as long as you show up on time and don't screw up your gig.

Traveling boxes of caged roadies hauled from city to city are unleashed each day into a new venue. Food, called catering, tempts them inside and hopefully provides enough nourishment for them to unload and reload semi trucks full of gear. Days off are just a different dumping ground into a place called a hotel that has a better shower and no free food, usually. The bulk of the roadie cargo lives in a disconnected existence dictated by the life instructions listed in the itinerary then modified and confused by day sheets. Saturating the human cargo with coffee, alcohol and free food, insures they are subdued and happy enough to perform there repetitive tasks and keeps the show on the road. Sometimes days can go by without them seeing sunlight as buses move from one underground venue garage to another. The few skills, that are actually mandatory, are to show up at designated places on time and handle whatever 'worker bee gig' that roadie has signed on to do, in order to maintain the touring hive. This redundant monotonous existence is irresistible to some and pure misery to others.

Both realities coexist overlaid on each other and as the days flow past pulling your mind one-way or the other, you may find that both are simultaneously correct. One is the reason to start touring and the other is the reason to stop. So in the mean time, from the moment you say goodbye to that place you lived and step into the mobile road entity, hold onto big eyes and savor that sensation of motion because if you are going to make the choice to do it, you may as well do it right.

Dave Rat

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