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The term carney is a endearing term that refers to one who has taken on the less than glamorous position as carnival worker. Tasks range from trying to weasel dollar bills from the boyfriend's and dad's of the endless stream of cotton candy eating fuzzy bear wanting humans and humanette's, to scrubbing down Mount Everest size piles of elephant crap after setting up a giant rickety death traps designed to scare the crap out of humans that have no idea how much danger they are really in. Carnies are hard working, under appreciated modern day gypsies that traverse the globe as a loosely knit sub culture and nomadic lifestyle.

Glorified refers to the fact that the roadie version of carney actually is under the impression that they are somehow above the other forms of carney, namely the County Fair Carney, Circus Carney, and the true and authentic carnies, the Carnival Carney. Clealy this is not the case though some roadies do enjoy many perks, ultimately "the show must go on" and every roadie will face the reality of the fact that they are in little control of thier own destiny.

note: For some unknown reason the terms "Fairy" and "Circy" have not caught on as a distinct knicknames for County Fair and Circus workers while Carney has caught on for Carnival workers.

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