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The Mic stand is a black think tube that threads to a black heavy round base. It usually has another section that can be made taller by a loosening the "tightning thingy". At the very top of this contraption is a thread to which to screw on a mic clip, to hold...a mic. Or wireless paddles. or your hat. newer technology has permited a tripod to replace the heavy base. It makes for an easier set up/tear down and storage of the Mic stand. Also, a "BOOM" has been added to help reach those areas that would be unreachable by regular stands. Such as drum cymbals, snare drums, or guitar player's lips. Even more technology has brought a secondary arm to the "boom". A thinner section that comes out of the boom to reach even crazier places.

Various artists and mic techs, have decorated the mic stand to one's taste. with clothing, color, wheels instead of a base.

A mic stand has been on every stage around the world in any given time. This guy really has been around. Some have brought fury to the faces of bass drums, guitar stacks, stages, and even....HUMANS! when they fall, are thrown about. Malfuction!!

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