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In touring world a 'monitor engineer' refers to the person that controls the sound that the performers hear while on stage. While at first glance, being a monitor engineer may seem desirable as you get to hang out near the musicians, it is important to realize that while performing, musicians tend to often get very excited and emotional. One of the most desirable traits in a monitor engineer is the ability to read minds and have six arms while simultaneously watch, listen and understand every person on stage even when they all speak at once.

Another term sometimes used for monitor engineer is 'foldback engineer'

The place where these people sit, is referred to as the Hot Seat although many prefer to just stand.

What's the difference between a monitor engineer and a toilet seat? A toilet seat only has to deal with one arsehole at a time. See also:

The main difference between a monitor engineer and a FOH engineer is a monitor engineer can do both.

front of house engineer

FOH engineer

sound engineer

sound system tech

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