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A term describing what a roadie sees when he is late for a predetermined departure, often accompanied by a downcast face. This happens most often when there is Down Time or when roadies get to sleep in Hotels. As it is harder to be Oil Spotted whilst staying on the Tour Bus, this is a common symptom of being [[drunk in a truck stop. There are many reasons a roadie may have for being Oil Spotted.

Some are:

1. Unable to wake up (too tired)

2. Unable to wake up (Drunk passed out)

3. Unable to wake up (Sexually spent, see groupie punter punterette)

4. Slept with musicians girlfriend (stupid, but gains respect and a pink slip. Not what she was wearing at the time, more a tax document.)

5. A prank played on roadie by other roadies

6. Possibly the worse case (that depends) YOU'RE FIRED!!

As luck would have it, musicians are far more adept at being accidentally oil-spotted than a standard roadie, which allows much leeway with the tour manager as he or she calls the oil-spotted one's cell-phone only to realize that said phone is in the back lounge and thus useless. This ritual has a long history, and has passed into the annals of BC.

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