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Plastic Cop Syndrome is a disease thought to originate from Human Resource Departments, and infects many areas of society. Are you a plastic cop? is a simple guide to tell if you are infected.

The easiest test to tell whether you are dealing with a plastic cop is to question them. A basic example is given here:

You: "Why do you need my ID, home address, resume, frequent flier number, the name of my first-born child, email address, cellphone number and my family history going back to the 13th century?"

PC: "For Security Reasons."

You: "What are the Security Reasons?"

PC: "I can't tell you."

You: "Why not?"

PC: "For Security Reasons."

You: "Christ, I only came in for a Big Mac and fries...."

PC: "I know sir, but it is procedure..... please step out of the line."

One caveat is that if the cop has a gun, he is NOT a true plastic cop. He may well be a heavily armed plastic cop, but they are rather different.

While most plastic cops are not recognized for their fearlessness, some are renowned for their bitterness toward their lot in life, and thus take out their frustrations on those around them. In a fair turn of events, some punters have been seen coveting the plastic cops’ mates. However, this action should not be confused with those of the Harbor Shark.

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