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The police are costume wearing humans that parade themselves around pretending to be nice and helpful, meanwhile they are actually similar to predators with a keen eye on capturing other humans.

Theoretically a police force is hired to capture and deter humans from doing disrespectful things like murder and theft, to other humans.

Unfortunately, it is extermely common that police self recalibrate their directive to be hunters of the harmless while allowing the dangerous to roam freely. An excellent example is the police that dedicate their time to waiting in the bushes with radar guns to speed trap cars so they can extort money from the drivers. Meanwhile in nearby areas crime runs rampant.

Another favorite past time of police is to go to rock concerts and pull over tour busses to intimidate and get free shrts and CD's for their friends and family.

The band Public Enemy once said "Do you know why they cal the police the po-leese? Cause they help the Po the lease." Though probably not entirely true, it is fairly accurate.

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