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High pressure hot water. An absolute elixir for roadies. Never underestimate the healing power of hot water. Some type of shower exists in just about every venue. Most roadies will attempt their turn in the shower after load out. The task of finding a clean towel is of utmost importance, as sharing the towel of another may lead to certain disorders.

Showers are undeniably great, but sometimes when the dirt from the road starts to build up, a good soak in the bath is more a desirable option.

Whether it happens in a bath house or a bath tub is up to the personal preference of the roadie. In either case, clothing is optional, depending upon how dirty their fur feels.


In extreme emergencies, when only a light cleaning is needed and they are not near any type of washing facility, some roadies may resort to licking their fur in the same manner as a cat.

Showers are a rare luxury on smaller club tours. It isn't uncommon to go 4 or 5 days without showering and taking the occasional birdbath to keep somewhat clean.

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