Small pee pee syndrome

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Small pee pee syndrome: Fear of inadequacy in concern to manly girth and length of the male genitalia. The symptoms of small pee pee syndrome include but are not limited to

Obnoxious behavior.

Macho staturing.

Owning a uselessly large or expensive vehicle with no real need or purpose. IE, Huge four wheel drive truck for city driving or race car to drive on streets with 65 MPH speed limit.

As it relates to sound roadies, hiring in and surrounding yourself with expensive audio gear and huge mixing consoles that you have never used before because it looks cool in a magazine.

Utilizing too many input channels could be the result of Small Pee Pee Syndrome or a similar affliction know as Little Ball Syndrome.

See Assholeism

A statement that is still under an ongoing discussion and/or controversy:

SIZE MATTERS /or is it in the way that you use it?

[1]See: Debunking Penis Myths

Common Myths:

Race or pigmentation of skin is relative to the size of the male genital organ or pee pee.

Foot or hand size is relative to the size of the male genital organ or pee pee.

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