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(V) To Smoke, Smoking, Smoked:  Inhaling smoke or vapors, such as tobacco.
(N) [1] A haze of particulates, such as released by a fire or explosion, or by theatrical and stage effects.
    [2] The functional part of all electrical components; Electromojo, Magic Gas, Electrospirit.

Releasing, or causing the release of the smoke that is normally tightly sealed inside, renders any component into a lifeless brick. It is advisable to run all expensive electrics inside a sealed plastic bag. This will allow the trapping, of all the smoke, should it leak out. A properly skilled electronics wizard can be employed to reinject the smoke, allowing the expensive equipment to come back alive. But ONLY if ALL of the smoke gets trapped.

    [3] Smokes: A vernacular for cigarettes or tobacco.

"Does any one have any smokes? 'Cause I really need one. Man, I just smoked my amp. I'm stressed, man. Who has a smoke!?"

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