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The Large analoge snake connects all of the mics from the stage, "sends" them to FOH so that they can be mixed with the audio console and then "Returned" back to the stage for distrobution into the PA system and to the outer limits of space itself.

Long, sometimes up to 300 foot sections of heavy analoge snake, most commonly consisting of 2 pair with ground wire with up to 64 "pairs" of wire, can immaginably become a stress to set up and drag through "festival mud".

For this reason digital snakes have been introduced to carry the same amout of data through a light-weight, and sometimes, light transmitting cable. some ways that have been used is cat-5e, 75ohm BNC cable and (expensive) Fiber cable.

Fiber cable is a revolutionary way to carry MASSIVE amounts of information, can be ran for literally miles with little signal loss. some say in "the future" all signals comming to and from FOH (lighting and sound) can be ran from a single fiber optic cable

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