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A splitter is the term that refers to the piece of equipment that allows a plurality of microphones to be connected to two or more mixing consoles simultaneously.

There are three basic types of microphone spitters

1) Hardwire - A hardwire splitter is a passive unit that is basically a glorified Y cable.

2) Transformer - A transformer splitter is a passive unit utizes transformers on one or more outputs to isolate and sometimes impedance match those outputs. Typically phantom power can not pass through the transformer isolated outputs.

3) Active - An active splitter utilizes active electronics to send the microphone output to various locations. Though phantom power can not pass through an active splitter, commonly they are capable of creating phontom power. Active splitter are advantageous in reducing excessive loading on the mic but add in a layer of increased complexity, size and cost that reduces reliability and can outweigh their advantages in many situations.

A 56 channel splitter with XLR inputs and 2 hardwired multipin ouputs and a 56 channel multipin input to two transformer isolated multipin ouput splitter unit that can be driven from one of the hardwired outputs.


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