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SWAG: A term used to describe the bags of items given in gratuity to roadies. Usually inexpensive, ridiculous, sleazy items and many times of the sugar-preservative filled persuasion.

Sometimes SWAG is also referred to as a Roadie peanut.

Don't make it too nice- if they can't eat it or drink it- they are likely to "lose" it. However one may always get creative.





Other facts- from wikipedia about the term SWAG;

"In Britain it can mean items acquired informally or actually stolen. In cartoons, burglars are traditionally depicted with their faces masked, with a hooped top and a large sack over their shoulder clearly marked "swag".

Backronyms of the word include "Some Worthless Advertising Gimmick", "Scientific Wild Ass Guess", "Stuff We All Get", "Stolen Without A Gun" (police report jargon), "Stuff We Ain't Got", "So What, Another Giveaway", "Shitty Worthless Ass Gift", and "Samples, Wearables, and Gifts".

In Australian historical folklore, the term "swag" refers to a bundle of belongings that is rolled in a cloth and carried on a person's back."

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