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A Tech Spec (technical specification) is, so legend has it, a document produced for the information of a production company or a venue's technical manager by or on behalf of a touring artist, detailing the sound, lighting and staging requirements of said artist. Due to the complex nature of the relationship between the artist and the live events promoter, such documents are only rarely seen by the people who have to implement them on the day of the show.

A Tech Spec may consist of one or more of the following: - Mic Chart - stage plot - Sarcasm

Also commonly referred to as a Tech Rider. Which may be included in with the Contract. Also referred to as a Tech Package, these documents may also include whimsical requests made on a whim by the talent. As the talents whims may change on a whimsical basis, these documents occasionally do not reflect the most current nature of the whims. Therefore the question... Is this a current, correct rider?

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