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The rarest of all materials known to man. In fact it is so rare that no one has ever successfully procured even a single grain of it.

Perfectly following the 14th law of life as we know it, "the desirability of anything is directly proportional to its lack of availability", thus it is infinitley desired.

It rumored that unobtainium is extremely useful and if used properly or improperly will solve the design needs of just about any and every project imaginable.

Humans love unobtainium. Though it is quite possible that unobtainium is actually useless.

Swag is definitely not made from unobtainium.

By its very nature, unobtainium cannot be acquired; however, humans of a certain personality type who perceive themselves attaining access to this rare material have a common side effect known as an inflated ego. Once the ego has swelled beyond proportion to the human’s actual success, it may lead to assholeism.

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