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How do i add new Definitions into the roadiepedia?

One way is to incorporate the Name of the Definition you want to create into an existing topic as a link. To 'link' a word simply put double brackets [lower case] around the word.

Naithynaith, I didn't want to link the words lower case so I only used a single bracket, I just wanted you to know not to use these: {} But link something with double brackets. Ex: Noise Boys Just click on 'Edit this page' and you can see for yourself -- hope this helps!

Noise Boys

NOISE BOYS A group or single human being which is considered a professional 'sound engineer' or 'sound tech'. The noise boy is commonly found in hideaways known as 'Front of House' or 'Monitor World'. Their Habitat also consists of Bars, Catering tents and anywhere they can sleep. The noise boy spends a lot of his time pushing faders turning dials plugging in cables and making things very loud. The average noise boy is overtired, over worked and is known for their attitude and often confuse themselves as God. These Noise Boys are also very upbeat and humorous, often using humor as a scapegoat for their situation. The Noise boy is particularly not fond of things like SPL monitoring people, Long load outs, Long Distance Transport and seem to have a love hate relationship with other species known as 'lampi's'. Noise Boys Also commonly known as; Loud Lads, Sound Guy, Mix Man and Sound Dude

Plug Monkey

PLUG MONKEY A strange creature that usually is found running frantically around stages, backstage areas and bands, often with pockets full of microphones and arms wrapped with leads. The role of a 'Plug Monkey' is to plug in cables or what is known in the industry as 'Patching'. Their official role is called a Stage Tech or Stage Hand. These people often work with the mysterious '[Noise Boys]' together to make things loud. The Average Plug Monkey has the same traits as the fore-mentioned Noise Boys and can be found grazing in the same areas.

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