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Rat Sound News Letter - April 2001


It's the pause before the storm as we approach another touring season and so much has changed in the industryBig companies are buying each other, small companies are getting absorbed and we find ourselves, more than ever, competing against huge corporations. Sometimes I wonder if the live production industry will go the same way as the computer industry went and if one big "Microsoft Sound" will control all. Oh wow, how great would that be if sound systems were as reliable as Windows. As we enter our 20th year the continuing challenge of adapting, competing and offering the best systems and service keeps us motivated and still going strong.

Dave Rat


New Rat Sound company address and phone numbers:

Rat Sound Systems Inc.
321 Bernoulli Circle
Oxnard, Ca
805 278 2826 shop
805 278 2827 fax


Company News

The Nexo Alpha System we have been offering (in cooperation with SSE Hire, UK) has been a wonderful complement to our V-Dosc and Rat Trap 5 Systems. The Nexo Alpha is an extremely compact horn loaded system that is quickly becoming an industry standard. The V-Dosc is the world renown system that paved the way for many imitations by utilizing line array technology for live reinforcement. The Rat Trap 5 remains the most compact, high density, direct radiating, touring system available.

Our new industrial space in Oxnard is bigger and much nicer and our roommates, Ed and Ted's Excellent Lighting, are awesome. Two separate companies, working together in our individual specialties, sharing ideas and bringing the quality of our services to a new level. The bands we work with gain all the advantages of the option to hire sound and lights from a single location, without the compromises associated with a sound company trying to do lights or visa versa.

The MicroWedge 15 has been recently released. The MicroWedge series of monitors was designed by Rat Sound to create the ultimate stage monitor. Small, loud, arrayable and extremely HiFi, these wedges were so well received that we ended up patenting the design and licensing it Radian Audio to manufacture. We work closely with Radian Audio on all aspects of the design and they have done an excellent job of manufacturing a true, world class stage monitor. Currently there is a MicroWedge 12 and MicroWedge 15 on the market with two more designs on the horizon.


Current Tours

Offspring - V-Dosc, Rat L-Wedges and Rat M-Wedges

Ben Harper - Nexo Alpha with MicroWedges

MxPx - Rat Trap 5 with Rat L-Wedges

Recent Tours

Pearl Jam

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Blink 182

Foo Fighters



Over the years as a sound service company we have established dealerships with many top audio manufacturers. If you are looking for audio gear please give us a call. It helps us maintain our dealerships and we sell equipment at considerably lower rates than street prices.

We now accept Visa and MasterCard over the phone or from the web page.

The Rat Sniffers. If you work at all with XLR cables or snake systems, try one, if it is not the most dependable and easiest to use tester you ever had, send it back and we will refund your money.


Web Site News

Added a Search Engine of the Rat Site that allows you to search for specific text or pages on our web site

A Message Board where you can post questions that someone from our staff will personally respond to, post your resume or look through the resumes to fill a touring position.

New navigational system that makes it way easier to get around the site

Updated the "Reviews" section, adding more articles on Rat Sound

The "Evolution" section has been cleaned up improved if you are curious about how Rat Sound grew from a backyard sound company to the international touring company we are today.

A "Sales" section. We have a few items up now and soon we will offer a complete complement of touring supplies. If you have suggestions of things that you think would be a good thing to add, email me and I will see what we can do. We will overnight ship anywhere in the US and plan on keeping everything in stock.

Greatly expanded "Tours" section with JPEGs of tour laminates, itinerary covers, more tour dates and tour personnel

If you would like a link to your site from the Rat Sound Site, email me at


We would like to thank you for your continued interest and warmest regards from All of us at Rat Sound!

Rat Sound Systems Inc.

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