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Rat Sound Systems News June 2001

Rat Sound Newsletter Feb 2002

Hello Friends of the Rats!

I had a most amazing experience last week something I will not soon forget. I was in Salt Lake City with wonderful pleasure of hanging with the Foo Fighters at the Olympic Awards Ceremony and as I looked at them playing from a three story mix position, one of the PA techs came up to me and said “congratulations, you guys are responsible for the first Olympic mosh pit!” That is when the reality of the magnitude of what I was experiencing hit me full on. I got goose bumps from the crowd cheering to the snowboarders winning Olympic Medals (I love snowboarding!), a band playing that grew out of the punk/alternative scene which has grown to proportions that I would have never dreamed 20 years ago and a mild but very distinct mosh pit for a world audience. The merging and embracing of music, sports and acceptance into the world arena left me a bit overwhelmed and with a feeling that something I have spent my entire adult life being a part of, has crossed some amazing milestone.

- DR

So, on that note, here we go into another touring season. This is the latest and greatest with the Rat World. There have been some rough times since the last newsletter and hope that everyone is dealing and healing and getting ready for what looks to be a very positive year. The fat cats vs. the Rats game continues, as we scurry about maintaining an amazing amount of really cool bands for a relatively tiny company. We are going to be running our second print ad ever in the March issue of Live Sound Magazine. The last ad we ran was in 1981 in the back of Music Connection magazine when we were ‘Solid Sound Systems’ (What were we thinking by letting go of that catchy name?). Here is a link to the ad artwork for both the new ad and our last one. Would love to hear what you think.

- The Rats

Tours and Stuff

Weezer has just started another US tour with a 24 Box V-Dosc system and 6 DV-Dosc with side coverage provided by 24 RAT Trap 5's. A Midas XL4, Heritage 3000 and MicroWedge 12's rounded out their system.

Linkin Park has just started a US tour with an XL4, Heritage 3000, Rat S Wedges, MicroWedge 15’s and 40 stacks of Nexo Alpha.

Incubus had the Rats out for a concert and video shoot in Bakersfield in early January with 40 stacks of Nexo Alpha.

Pennywise shows Jan 3 with the Rat Trap 5 at Heavenly Valley Ski Resort in Tahoe and Jan 4th in Reno were all about cold! But what do expect when playing a ski resort.

Macy Gray did a small run of shows at the El Rey, Golden Gate Park, and for Macy's Department store with a pair of Heritages and a MicroWedge monitor system.

Midnight Oil recently returned from a club tour carrying a Midas Heritage, a Midas XL250, processing and is gearing up for another and are adding a full MicroWedge monitor system.

The Ventura Theater recently purchased a Ramsa SX-1 console to go along with their new L'Acoustics ARC pa system.

We added 6 DV-Dosc to our inventory along with lots of Drawmer dynamics, DBX tube comps and a bunch more MicroWedges.


The MicroWedges are really taking off! Here are some of the companies with recent purchases

John Henry Hire (UK) 14 - MicroWedge 12

Dispatch (Paris) MicroWedge 12

Hall Audio (Las Vegas) MicroWedge 15

Sound Engineering Group (Korea) MicroWedge 12

KP LYD Design (Norway) MicroWedge 12

American Audio Systems 2 (Northern Cal) MicroWedge 12

Progressive Electronics (Missouri) MicroWedge 12

PM Sound (Nevada) MicroWedge 15

Shimbros (Guam) MicroWedge 12

JC Audio and Light (MI) MicroWedge 12

Dimensional Design Studio (Houston Texas) MicroWedge 12

Mad Hatter Audio (Edgewater FL) MicroWedge 12

Scott Yahney (NY) MicroWedge 12

Quebec Leisure Limited (Singapore) MicroWedge 12

Pacific West Sound (Bakersfield) MicroWedge 12, MicroWedge 15

If you own MicroWegdes and would like to be added, please email us at

You can check out the new tripod mount for the MicroWedge 12 and 15 and there are some pictures at the web site.

We posted setup configurations on the MicroWedge web site that show you some ways to really take advantage of the MicroWedge design.

Rat Sniffer

We printed up some cool little cards with the LED codes that can be attached to the Sniffer itself. Email Danalle at and she will send you a free one.

There is some additional info on the Rat Sniffer web page about using them in the real world.


We now have added Shure dealership for anyone looking for mics or “in ear systems.”

DBX, JBL, Drawmer, Allen Heath and QSC are all new dealerships for us!

Where are the Rats?

Dave Rat – LA and working web site and writing some articles for Pro Sound Web.

Brian Rat –Working Local Shows and Mixing the Bangles and Pennywise.

Tommy Rat – In Tucson running Magnum Sound and helping with Rat World.

Karrie – Running the Rat Office and Rat Sales . Did some Pearl Benefits late last year.

Jon – Sending out systems and keeping the shop empty and has an article recently posted on Pro Sound Web. He has been flying out and getting the tours started.

Andy – Just sent him out on Weezer tour. Andy has become a V-Dosc certified QVT tech.

Bryan Worthen – Blink 182 FOH and out with Bad Religion.

Danalle – Running Rat books, web sales and shipping.

Doc – Out with Linkin Park and has become a V-Dosc certified QVT tech.

George – Offspring monitor engineer and some time off.

Grandpa – Rat Local Shows and has become a V-Dosc certified QVT tech.

Hoover – Blink 182 monitor engineer.

Ian Beveridge – Monitor Tech for Linkin Park.

Jim – Working Magnum in Tucson with Tommy.

Nick the Fly – Weezer Tour and now a QVT.

Nicole – Bringing cheer and fashion tips to all us Rats.

Shon – Just finished Weezer Tour and now out on Linkin Park. He has also become V-Dosc Certified QVT.

Steve – Out with Jimmy Eat World, FOH.

Tim Davis – Midnight Oil Tour.

Tim Illian – Was out as FOH Eng/TM with Crash Palace.

Tommy LBC – Lots of local shows and has also become a V-Dosc certified QVT tech.

Tony Cooper – Monitor Engineer for Cypress Hill on the Linkin Park tour.

OK, that’s it for now, as always; email us with comments and thank you to all the new people who signed up!

All of us Rats

Rat Sound Systems Inc.

(888) 545-8271 Shop

(805) 278-2827 Fax

If you would like to be removed from our mailing list, please email us at and we will gladly remove your name.

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