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Rat Sound Systems News June 2001

Hello Everyone!
I apologize for the delay between the last newsletter and this one. The web site and newsletter live in my laptop and my laptop was relocated to an unknown location for an undetermined amount of time, most likely forever. This occurred when I was not looking, by a person who has chosen to remain anonymous. So I am starting fresh and it is a bit time consuming. By popular request we are bringing back the "Where are the Rats" section so you can see where what the Rats are doing. Things are going really well and the sales section of the web site is starting to get some good responses. So here is the latest:

Tours and Stuff

Blink 182
is taking out an 80 box Rat Trap 5 System, Heritage 3000 and Ramsa WRS-X1 with Rat monitors.

The El Rey Theater in Hollywood recently took delivery of a 16 box Rat Trap 5 System as a permanent install.

MxPx just came back. They had a Rat monitor system and FOH console and drive.

Ben Harper recently finished a tour with a full Nexo Alpha main system and MicroWedges. They are currently on Europe with a MicroWedge system and a Heritage 3000.

The Offspring is in Europe with our XL4, Heritage 3000 and monitor processing.

Air has a Rat S-Wedge monitor system and console out.

Rammstein just confirmed a pair of PM 4000's.

Weezer had bits and pieces like snaking and a splitter and just came back.

Nelly Furtado had an XL3 and an XL250 out with assorted stage gear supporting David Grey.

David Grey An SSE account, had the Nexo Alpha system out.


We launched Right now it is just a start page but soon we will post processor settings, news, dealers and updates about the MicroWedges.

The MicroWedges are getting an awesome response and a lot of people are asking to try them out. Neither Rat Sound nor Radian are very large companies, so handing out lots of demo’s is rough. However, we just worked out a deal with Radian where:

Buy two MicroWedges, use them for 45 days from when you receive them and if for any reason you decide that you don't want them, you can send them back to us for a full refund.

This setup should work well for everyone, as we are sure that few to none will come back and it gives the ability for people to try them out. Give us a call for full details if you are interested. (888) 545-8271.

Rat Sniffer

Here is an interesting thing for those of you with Rat Sniffer/Senders. If you are in a pinch, you can use the Sender unit as a phantom power source!  Use a dual male to female XLR "Y" cable.  Plug the mic cord into the female, one male goes to the console and one male goes to the "Sender." The Sender will power a 12-volt compatible phantom mic for many hours.

We have received some calls about locating replacement batteries for the Rat Sender. If you remember to unplug it or turn it off the battery will last for months or years, but sooner or later they will drain. The battery is a 12-volt “alarm remote” battery found in key chain car alarm remotes. You can find them for about $2.00 at most drug stores or Radio Shack.

The Rat Web Site

We put up a new home page that is simpler and cleaner. The site no longer uses “frames,” at least for now. I would love comments and suggestions. There is a link to the old style "Rat Home Page" on the Rat plate on the left meter, if you prefer the frame based system.

The "Dealership" page has been updated and more Insta-Quote links are up. The Insta-Quote system is an email auto-responder that allows you to quickly get price quotes on products from manufacturers that we are dealers for. The prices are considerably below the prices we are allowed to “publish.” Check it out at or just try sending an email to and you will get the Audix price sheet.

We are putting up new dealerships weekly. If there is a quote you need and it is not listed, feel free to email us at or call and we will get you prices right away.


– We just acquired a JBL dealership and are offering super low prices on JBL to get the ball rolling.

Audix - We now have B stock om6’s as well as om7’s at super low prices. Contact us if you are interested

Audio Technica lowered prices on a lot of their products.


There is a new article about the Coachella Festival on the Pro Sound Web Site. The author has some cool things to say about our Rat Trap 5 System on the main stage.

Where are the Rats?

Dave Rat – LA and working on the newsletter, web site and Rat World.

Brian Rat – Out on Warped Tour mixing Rancid and Pennywise.

Tommy Rat – In Tucson running Magnum Sound and helping with Rat World.

Karrie – Running the Rat Office and Rat Sales.

Jon – Sending out systems and keeping the shop empty.

Andy – Blink 182 system tech.

Bryan Worthen – Blink 182 FOH.

Danalle – Running Rat books, web sales and shipping.

Doc – Did the first week of Weezer and helping keep Rat local shows alive.

George – Offspring and more Offspring, monitor engineer.

Grandpa – Getting ready to go out as monitor tech on Offspring.

Hoover – Blink 182 monitor engineer and living in Laker heaven.

Jim – Just came off Blink 182 tour and in Tucson with Tommy.

Nick the Fly – White water rafting after finishing up with Ben Harper.

Nicole – Keeping us organized and fashionable.

Shon – Offspring tech.

Steve – Out with Jimmy Eat World, FOH.

Tim Davis – Did the first week of “Air” and just came back off MxPx.

Tim Illian – Out as FOH Eng/TM with Crash Palace.

Tommy LBC – Getting ready to head out with Blink 182.

Tony Cooper – Just came off MxPx and out with Suicidal Tendencies.

OK, that’s it for now, as always; email us with comments and thank you to all the new people who signed up! Dave Rat

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