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March 1998 News

We bought a second Ramsa WRS X1 and a PM4000M! 4/98

    As of 3/1/98 we are Rat Sound Systems inc.  After 18 as a successful partnership, we decided to incorporate.

We bought a PM4000! 3/98
     That brings us to 7 consoles 40 channels and over.  Additionally, we hope to purchase 2 more PM4000's this year.

Local Shows
    Over the years Rat Sound has grown from providing sound for local shows to a national and international touring company.  Several years ago we dedicated all of our equipment to touring.  We now plan on maintaining a local sound system in addition to our touring inventory.

    We have moved all the Rat Sound equipment to Sun Valley location.  We now have over 150 FOH Rat boxes in a single location.  All of our systems are fully integrated and 100% compatible.

Pearl Jam
    We have a full monitor system and FOH drive with them in Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand

Ben Harper
    Has a partial monitor system and some FOH processing.

The new "Rat Cube" system
    Preliminary prototypes are built and the designs are coming along.  If all goes as planned, this new Rat system will be smaller, lighter, just as loud, and maintain the ultra hi-fi sound of the current Rat Trap 5 system.

Tweeters on an aux. send
    We now offer "Tweeters on an aux. send" as an option on all of our systems.


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