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Paris Hilton Perfume Launch

Los Angeles December 2004

Rat was proud to do a more corporate event over the weekend - the Paris Hilton Perfume launch party, held in
Los Angeles. As you can see, although it was really really tough to find Rat volunteers for the event, it went down without a hitch!!
The theme was pink - pink drinks, pink cushions, pink beds, pink dancefloor and
Rat Traps behind pink and white curtains and lights. Then upstairs, guests experienced a more grungy vibe as Juliette Lewis and the Licks performed
using a Rat provided PA. The choice for upstairs was L'Acoustics with Rat Dual 18" subs.

DJ System for Downstairs Dancefloor Event
8 x Rat Trap 5 Speaker Cabinets
8 x Rat Subwoofer Cabinets (2 + 2 in each corner of the room)
1 x12ch Soundcraft Mixer
2 x EV Self Powered DJ Monitors
1 x 200 Amp AC Distro

Band Upstairs and Main Pa System:
6 x L-Acoustics ARCS
4 x Rat Dual 18" Subwoofer
FOH Console: 1 x Innovason SY40
FOH Effects:
1 x TC D2 Delay
2 x Yamaha SPX990
FOH Drive:
1 x XTA DP226
1 x Sony CDP-D11 CD Player
Monitor Wedges:
8 x Microwedge 12
1 x 8 Mix Biamp Amp Rack Mics/Stands: As Needed
1 x 200 Amp AC Distro

Daniel and Ivan

The Rat Wedges




DJ Booth

The Rat trap being set up

Without the glossy lights

Manuel and Friends!

The lady herself

The Rats

More Rats

Juliette Lewis and the Licks

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