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The Dave Rat Small Event System


After working for Richard Cheese and Fitzjoy's wedding (longtime Rat friend's), certain Rats (ie. Dave) was inspired to start
working on designing an ultra compact, pro audio quality system that would fit in the back of an SUV. It was based on 6 MicroWedge 12's - 1 either side on a tripod, 4 more onstage and the newly designed MicroSub prototype to create this stereo mains, subs on aux send and 4 on stage mixes. This system used no graphic EQ's on the monitors or any out board gear for that matter!

We have several different small consoles some of which have built in effects if needed. Tiny mic boxes run off 4 stereo amps. The system is still being developed and we hope to perfect this ultra high quality compact system.

In the words of the man himself, "Way back when we started Rat Sound, we were building small systems of which we never had enough money or knowledge to do it properly. Here I am 24 years later and enjoying putting together cool little rigs. If all goes well, the goal is to have six compact systems complete with SKB cases to pack nicely in the back of an SUV"

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