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Foo Fighters and Weezer US Tour 2005

Sound Company : Rat Sound Systems Inc
Bands FOH Engineer : Craig Overbay (Weezer), Brian Worthen (Foo)
Band Monitor Engineer : Kevin Glenndening(Weezer), Ian Beveridge (Foo)
Crew Cheif/Monitor Technician: Daniel "American Idol" Bonneau
System Technician: Kevin Mckenzie
Assistant Technician: Mike Lowe
Tour Manager: Stuart Ross, Gus Brandt
Production Manager: Arthur Kemish, Rodney Johnson

FOH Console: Digico D5
Speakers: L-Acoustics Vdosc, dv-dosc, Arcs
Amps: Crown, L-Acoustics LA48
Processing: Manley Vox Box, Avalon 737, XTA DP226

Monitors Console: Midas XL4 (Weezer), Yamaha PM5D(Foo)
Speakers: L-acoustics 115XT, L-Acoustics Arcs, Rat Subwoofers
Amps: Lap Gruppen
Processsing: DBX 160SL, DBX 160X, Yamaha SPX990, TC EQ Station
PEM: Sennheiser IEM300

Foo Fighters Canada

Read the Review from Winnepeg Show, Canada, August 10th 2005.

"Foo Fighters a knockout at MTS center"

"Foo Fighters thoroughly Thrilling - big loud sassy performance!"

Winnipeg Free Press August 11th 2005

Foo Fighters Tour - Canada, Summer 2005

Sound Company : Rat Sound Systems Inc

Bands FOH Engineer : Brian Worthen

Band Monitor Engineer : Ian Beveridge

Crew Chief: Daniel Bonneau

Monitor Technician: Dribble

FOH / PA Technician: Daniel Bonneau / Brian Teed

Tour Manager: Gus Brandt

Production Manager: Rodney Johnson


Console: Digico D5 Speakers: L'Acoustics V-dosc, dV-dosc and Arcs

Amps: Lab Gruppen

Processing: XTA's

Mics: Sennheiser mic package


Console: Yamaha PM5D

Speakers: Rat L-Wedge, MicroWedge 15's, L'Acoustics Arcs, Rat double 18" subs, Turbosound TA880L

Amps: Lab Gruppen, Crest 7001, Chevin Q6

Processsing: XTA DP226, Xillica Processor

PEM: Sennheiser IEM 300 G2



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