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Some show "sound" reviews we came across. They make reference to Pearl Jam unless stated otherwise.

We have lots more and will add them as time permits.

Seattle Post
October 23, 2003
By Bill White - "Chili Peppers turn on the heat"

"The sound was near perfect...."

Home News Tribune
September 10, 1998
By Tammy Paolino

“Vedder and the band produced a solid show jam packed with hits off all five Pearl Jam albums. The quality of the sound throughout the bands two-hour set was flawless.”

July 1998
By Cathy Maestri

“Not only was Vedder in fine voice, but the sound mix put his vocals far in front of the instrumentation.”

Maui Arts & Cultural Center
Hawaii Star Bulletin
By Ken Ige

“The sound throughout was clear and balanced, without an excess of decibels or boom of bass."

North Hills News Recorder
September 3, 1998
By Dr. Edward Mills (letter)

“I was never a big Pearl Jam fan, that is, until that night. I’ve never seen a band with so much energy and never have I heard a band sound better. “

Bozman Daily Chronicle
July 26, 1998
By Brian Hurlbut

“I haven’t heard a show sound this good in a long time.""... I got five rows from the front. Sounded great. Even when I was further back, it still sounded great.”

Daily News NY, NY
September 10, 1998
By Jim Farber

“... the members could be heard more clearly than ever as musicians playing in a band. Make that a very good band.”

June 22, 1998
By Jamie Kelley

"Pearl Jam, however, injected a fierce energy into the crowed, creating near pandemonium as they sauntered onto stage. Every song that thrust the tight Seattle band into rock royalty emerged from a two-story wall of speakers with punch and grind."

San Diego Tribune
July 13, 1998
By Karla Peterson

"at the Cox Arena on Friday night, singer Eddie Vedder and his band mates shrugged off their collective baggage for a show that felt like a catharsis and sounded like a celebration."

Hawaii Star Bulletin
By Ken Ige February 21, 1998 "The sound throughout was clear and balanced, without an excess of decibels or boom of bass"

Roseland Ballroom
New York, NY
East Coast Rocker
September 4, 1996

"They sounded killer, the hall sounded great, no muddiness at all. Guitars, bass and drums all clear as a bell, and loud enough to inspire much crowd gymnastics without being overpowering and distorted."


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