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Rat Plate

This design has been retrofitted to our new waveguide S-Wedge.

The Rat Sound S-Wedge is is an improvement on the typical 15"/2" design that is extremely common in the industry. Triamped, with 1200 watts per mix, these monitors are optimized for vocal clarity. The ultra low profile cabinet greatly reduces sight line problems for the seats near the stage. The steel grills are designed so that you can stand or jump right on the front of the monitors.


  • Each Monitor contains two 15" speakers, one 10" speaker, one 2" driver. (EV).
  • Frequency response: 45hz to 19Khz,
  • Active Triamped.
  • External Dimensions: 42" W x 17.5" D x 12" H.
  • 25 degree angle.
  • Flyable.
  • 120 lbs.

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