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Rat Plate


Rat Sub Woofer

Rat Subs are not available for purchasing at this time. This page is for informational purposes only.

Our Rat Subs were designed by Dave Rat. We spent considerable time perfecting not only the tuning but the protection and construction of the sub. We perfected a formula that we use to calculate the cabinet tuning that is a modification of the optimum Theile/Small tuning. This formula is the key to the extremely flat, extended low frequency, high volume sound of our low frequency enclosures.

People tell us that they are some of the best sounding subs they have ever heard. With a true "full range box" and true "sub woofer" we were able to take advantage of the "subs on an auxiliary send" configuration. The ability to totally isolate the subs and send just the instruments desired to them, has an amazing effect on system clarity and increases system volume as well.

The Rat Sub tuning is centered at 32 Hz with a low cutoff at 20 Hz.
Connector options include NL4 NL8 or EP connectors available.
Custom steel powder coated grill. Folded steel non rattle.
Option of caster board with handle alignment.
Another option would be flying hardware - we rig it from a V-Dosc flybar.
Packed in a truck: 3 across in a 96" wide semi / bobtail or 4 across in a 102".

Check out Configurations Using the Subs

Dual 18

(Rat Sub loaded with 2 x Electrovoice EVX180b)

Includes Caster Board and flying hardware



     Each box contains: 2 x 18" speakers
     Usable freq response is 25 - 200 Hz and recommended is 28 Hz to 100 Hz.
     External dimensions: 47.5 H x 29.5 W x 23.5 D
     Weight: 160 Lbs.

Rat Subs FAQ

1. I would like to know what amps Rat uses with the Subs?
Typically we use a Crest 7001

2. Amps running bridge or std?

3. What ohms are the amps running at?
Bridged into 4 ohms

4. Based on one amp what is the output wattage?
By spec it is 1600 to 1800 watts depending on the year the data sheet was released. In reality the actual delivered wattage is higher in the real world.

5. How many subs are running off one amp?

6. How are the subs wired and at what ohms etc.. ?
2 - 8 ohm 18" speakers in series in each cab.

7. Additional processing used besides the x-over?
The best sounding sub setup for the Rat subs still remains to be 1/2 of an BSS FDS 310 driving a Symetrix 501 limiter. We have several digital processed sub settings but the analog x-over/limiter combo seems to sound the best and maintain that "Rat Sub Sound"

8. What x-over is used and maybe a little about the settings explained.
The BSS FDS 310 is used because of its ability to divide the x-over point by 10 and get down to lower points than most analogs. Also the front panel variable is really easy and usefull. None of that "cup your hand over a digital display in daylight" to change something as simple as a sub x-over point.

9. Comments on loaded with Electrovoice EVX180b vs. Tad TL1801? What is the difference?
The TAD's are superior sounding and more efficient as well. The EV's go down a little lower and move a bit more air. Am "all TAD" rig is awesome but you cants get as much at 30 hz and below from them. An all EV rig is a bit heavy in the 80hz range and the cones seem to have a slight boxy sound. A mixture of the two types is my preference and it does not matter much if they are on diferent amps or not.

10. How many cabs qualify for a multiple discount?
It really is something where we would work with whomever is interested, make sure the Rat Subs are truly optimum for the system/application. We would help define the optimum config. / driver types, amps and processing and then put together the best prices. The listed price is a comparitive number to get an idea of what they sell for. The amount we can reduce the price is quite variable depending on numerous factors. One thing you can count on is that we will do all we can to optimize the price paid for the product realized.

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