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Rat Plate

Ben Harper US Tour 1998

Equipment list
February 22 through April 9

FOH Racks:
One Klark Teknik DN360 stereo 1/3 octave EQ
Two TC Electronics Programmable 1/3 octave EQs
One Yamaha SPX 990
One Aphex Tubessence
One BSS DPR 404
One Rack power unit with lights
Cabling for all major console configurations

Two Audix D2 Mics
One EV RE20
Three Audix SCX-one condenser mics

Monitor Rack
Two stereo 1/3 octave EQs (BSS or KT)
One Yamaha SPX 90
One rack power unit with light
Cabling for all major console configurations
24 channel 20' 1/4" to 1/4" loom with mult disconnect for Bens monitor rack
1 Aura Sound DSK 50 Drum Throne Bass Shaker (Thumper) with amp and x-over.
4 triamped Rat Sound series 4 wedges. (2 EV DL15X, 1 EV DL10X, 1 EV NDYM-1)
One 4 mix 14 space triamped amp rack containing:
Two Crest 7001's
Two Crest 4801's
Two Crest 4601's
Two TDM 24CX4 stereo triapmed X-overs
All necessary cabling

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