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Rat Plate

Coachella 2004 Showdays!

Pictures and technical info from the set up days

Dave and The US Audio Guys

Pre Beck

Final Touches

Dave and Intern Mike our Monitor Tech

When there's no room on the floor go high

Dave at FOH for Beck

The Crowd at the Main Stage

No matter how many passes you get, there are never enough to go round

The Rat and US guys carpool

Goldenvoice Production

Bob the Man being the Man onstage

Dave Rat and Chris, FOH for the Flaming Lips

When you gotta take a nap, you gotta take a nap

Arrive by Horse, Porsche or Helicopter - spot the clues that we're just outside LA.

Another water boy keeps the crowds cool

Spinning some tunes for the VIPS

The Flaming Lips

Rat's Nic and Jeff

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Craig Overbay Mixes the Cure

Nick the Fly gets creative with his camping gear.

Spot the Rat

Only one way to watch the show in comfort.

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