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A Look Back on Coachella 2005

Some Interesting Production Facts and Photos

* Main Stage FOH riser. Notice the "see through, low profile" design of the FOH Riser.

It is 20 ft wide and 40 feet deep but has excellent sight lines.

* Some interesting Pictures from Coachella: The Aerial picture from the second stage, is taken

from behind second stage from above. The main stage is to the right.

* The tents in the tent aerial picture are near to far- Gobi, Mohave and Sahara

* Lasers in the Sahara are pictured. This was one of the hardest tents for production. Lights play such an

important part in a dance tent and each DJ had their own. The hardest part of production was getting two

whole systems of lights in, up and out every single day to satisfy the headliner's Chemical Brothers and Prodigy.

FOH Riser from Mix Position

Renkus Heinz Team on the Gobi

People Eating Machines

More Machines

The Second Stage from Above

The tents from Above

Brian Bishop

Sahara Lasers

Clear Out - Coachella the Day After
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