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Sunday at Coachella!!

The second day we added a third delay for the VIP area (see picture 13 below).

Wind was an issue so at the last minute, we had to find a solution to solve sound issues caused by it.

Being, self powered, the Renkus Heinz STLA line array was perect for this and sounded great.

(We used the Renkus Heinz System in the Gobi Tent which was the venuue for the widest range of eclectic bands from
rap to DJ's to Indie Rock bands which made it a very interesting stage. We used - 8 Renkus Heinz STLAs per side.
It's main mid high drive module is based on the coentrant technology, which makes the mids and highs exit through one horn
which avoids the many problems that a conventional system may have).

Coachella the Last Day! Still to come on the main stage the Nine Inch Nails whose engineers arived first thing this morning to

Indio after a 5 hour ride from their show in Vegas last night!

Dave Rat got his sound ambulance "cart jacked" last night. Thankfully it got returned to it's owner in one piece at 4 am!

The day's events are going great. Despite soaring temps, the Rat's are OK!

Tom - FOH in the Mohave

Turbosound Aspect in the Mohave

Midas Heritage 3000 and Turbosound Aspect in the Mohave

Opening Act for the Mohave

John, FOH Engineer for Thrice

Weezer last night

Amy - Trusty golf cart keeper and finder Dave Rat's Cart Jacked Sound Ambulance

Coachella's Production staff Nathan

Jon and Brett get ready for the day's events


Main stage

Lots of Mic Stands for the Main stage

Flo and Jim - FOH Nine Inch Nails arrive in the AM to dial it all in.

The Gram Rabbit - Source of Bunny Ears, played on the Outdoor Theater Stage

Main Stage from below

The second day we added a third delay for the VIP area. Wind was an issue so this should solve it. the Renkus self powered line array was perect and sounded great.

Dave and Toby getting the VIP delay wired

Dave's new sign hopefully will prevent his Sound Ambulance won't be cart jacked a second time.

The New Order Promo Girls

Everyone wants to photograph Jon

The awesome Main Stage Production Manager Ron is great to work with.
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