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Show Time!! 2006 Coachella.

Saturday at Coachella. Over 60,000 people attended and probably more than that attending today,
Sunday will push this year's ticket sales over 120,000
- the highest attendance ever beating 2004 when the Cure and Radiohead headlined!

Saturday went smoothly. Old faces were seen from touring and everyone had a great time.

Some Coachella facts!

The dance tent where Madonna and Daft punk are performing contains over 50% more space than any other year!

Concert goers pump as much as 20m dollars into local commerce by their attendance to this festival!

V-dosc is being used on 3 out of the 5 stages - The Rat Sound Main Stage for Depeche Mode and Tool
(with XTA processing) and the Outdoor stage for Eagles of Death Metal and also the Sahara dance tent by request for Madonna.

Coachella Festival both Gobi and Mojave tents are powered by Turbosound Aspect systems supplied by Rat Sound.
In the Mojave tent the system comprises clusters of six Aspect Touring mid-highs,
nine Aspect bass bins and four TSW-218 per side, with an additional pair of mid-highs per side for infill and outfill.
The system is powered by Turbosound T-25 and T-45 lightweight touring amplifiers.
Processing is handled by XTA DP448ís.
FOH console is Midas XL4 ably driven by Ratsoundís Hoover whose shirt may well be louder than even this PA.
Onstage monitor mixing is performed by Grandpa Rat at the helm of a Yamaha PM5D.
Stage technical assistance is provided by Steve Kaminsky.

Gobi FOH is combination of ground stack and flown PA, with four Aspect touring mid-high per side in the air,
and three Aspect trapezoidal ground stacked.
Low frequency information is reproduced with eight Aspect 2x15Ē and two TSW-218 per side.
FOH is mixed by Mike St. Pierre on a PM5D, plus another on stage with by Manny mixing monitors.
Stage technical work is handled by Sarahfrom Rat.
Turbosoundís Rik Kirby and Sennheiserís Paul Giansante are on hand to provide factory assistance.


backstage artist tent ready for the artists to arrive


The Coachella Production offices

Monitor World for Depeche Mode

Amp world
for Depeche Mode

Preparing for the 1st act to take the stage. Final touches.

Looking over the venue

Backstage at the Sahara dance tent behind the scenes where Madonna will take to her stage the next day

Backstage again at the Sahara tent. Video world.

Lighting crew for the dance tent. Lots of lighting preparation for both Madonna and Daft Punk.

Back at ther Main stage. The gates are about to be opened and security takes their place. Check out the many Rat subs

Main stage

Whole venue

Video world behind the main stage. Everything from the event is put on film.

over at the Gobi Tent

Turbo aspect PA

FOH at the Gobi

FOH at Mohave

Hovver at FOH

View of whole Apect rig in use

Mohave Monitors

backstage - almost as many more as the front of stage!

looking out from behind the aspect rig. crowds of people

more people

Common FOH engineer main stage

more people arrive

when the sun goes down.. Main stage monitors at night time. Franz Ferdinand are about to take the stage

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