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Rat Plate

Coachella Set Up 2007

Read about it here in 3rd Octave Magazine

Once again Rat Sound was proud to do sound for one of the biggest festivals in the US.

5 stages, over 100 bands (including Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers,
and more) and over 160,000 attendees.

This year, l'Acoustics was the choice of speaker for 4 of the 5 stages, with Rat trap 5's being used for the Smaller Gobi Tent.

Rat had 32 of it's crew out manning the 5 stages and here of some pictures of the event. More to come!

The Peppers, who Dave Rat has been touring with for the past year and a half, headlined the second evening and used their dual hung PA at Coachella for their set. There were some hurdles both financial and logistical but it seemed to be a phenominal success!

For Jon, who put together all the logistics for the 5 stages, his primary focus from a sound company is to make sure everyone has all their channels! Strong guys were put on every stage to make sure every engineer and band
had all their channels in the right place as expected!!

The Coachella Police!

Brett from ATK and FOH engineer Greg Nelson

The Pro Tools tent.

And more from that world

And again, for those interested (not Rat stuff, but...)

The Dual hang PA


Greg Mahler at FOH for main stage

A Midas Heritage 3000 at FOH for the main stage. 2 consoles side by side. While one's being used, the other is being set up for the next band

Manny and Sarah hard at work behind the scenes before show time.




The Out door theatre second stage FOH has a different set up. Still has two consoles but one in front of the other

Jim at FOH for the Mohave

The FOH at Mohave


Manny and Steve Walsh

grandpa at monitors for the Sahara dance tent.

The dance tent.

Jared, Bryan Boyt (Maroon 5 engineer) and Hoover

The Rat Trap 5 System and Rat Subs

George Rat and (hidden is Derek Van Nord from Ben Harper)

Monitors at Main stage

The Outdoor theatre crew, Brooks, Chico, Taka, Tony Luna (crew cheif), Dustin Delkar, Jamie harris and Mike Gonzaelz from Schubert!



Back stage



Backstage golf cart world.

Milk at FOH for Sahara

View early in the day from the main stage


The PM5D on the outdoor theatre monitors

Outdoor theatre



Dave Rat also mixed for some other bands too