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Old Punk Flyers and Stuff

If you were into punk in the 80's, especially the LA punk scene, you may enjoy seeing these old punk flyer's and other stuff we dug out of the Rat archives (cardboard box). Some of these were Rat shows, many were just things we kept for various reasons. Doing sound for early LA punk bands was the niche that got Rat Sound started.

Rat Shirts

1979 The Last "LA Explosion" record release flyer for Bomp Records. The Bass player was in my english class at Mira Costa High School. A girl named Michelle Galassi, was as well and she introduced me to people at The Church in Hermosa Beach where a bunch of punk bands rehearsed.

1980 or 1981 The Chiefs and X at the Hong Kong Cafe -



MnM's at the Bla Bla Cafe

1982 The Copy Cats at the Galaxy Roller Rink in Fullerton I believe. We were "House PA" there as well, this was later on.

1979 Black Flag and the The Last at the Hong Kong Cafe. These were some of the bands that rehearsed up the street at "The Church" in Hermosa Beach.


Thanx Joe Nolte!

Mau Maus, Minutemen, Ch3 and the Sedationaries in Venice Beach

Maybe 1981 or 1982 Here is the first Ad we ever did (Music Connection Magazine), back when we briefly used "Solid Sound Systems" as a name. We had already thought of "Rat Sound" but knowledgeable friends convinced us that we would never make it with a name like "Rat"

Just a Rat Invoice from the mid 90's

A Rat XMas card. For a while we designed our own every year and just started doing it again.

1984? Rat was hired to install a sound system at the Starwood Club in Hollywood. It was being rebuilt as "Club Hollywood". So we got out the ladder and...

1985 Joe Cole, author of the book Planet Joe made a calendar with a homeless person for every month, He donated $ he made selling them to the homeless. We used our copy to remember to show up for gigs

February 1985 Rat show calendar

Another Rat calendar from December 1986

Rat Far Side Calendar November 1986

1980 or 1981 The Chiefs, Middle Class, and The Crowd at the Hong Kong Cafe

Black Flag My War sticker, back when they were just sticky paper.

Black Flag at the Bla Bla Cafe

Sedititionaries at the Cathay de Grande

Here is a design masterpiece, check out the cool block lettering and Rat logo! I left this one as a high res photo so you can actually read the gear we had in 1981! The photography was done by Beverly Hills, my girlfriend at the time, met her in El Segundo and she helped name Rat Sound.

We do our fair share of benefits and we did many with Sabia and Huatucaltia 80's/Reagan, this was back when the "Iran/Contra" scandal was forming. They were saying things at the benefits like" the US is funding rebels to overthrow the government" imagine that

Minute Men, Civil Defiance, Ill Will and 100 Flowers at Dancing Waters, Rat Sound was the house PA at DW for quite a while.

Meat Puppets sticker, another paper sticker

SWA, Painted Willie, October Faction and Lawndale at Skull Rock 3. This was Dave Travis' adventure (our friend Abby's brother) and the Rat van got stuck in the mud when it started to pour.

The Stingers at QNO's, Don't know when when but we did a lot of punk/SKA around 1982.

The Cheifs and X at the Hong Kong Cafe. Another flyer from the same show.

Top Jimmy, B People, Castration, Squad and Catholic Discipline at Club 88

The Silencers at the Londoner, Hong Kong and Blackies

The Flameouts at Dillon's. Our friends Mikel Sauve, Larry Diaz and Sal's band.

Black Flag, Flyboys, Silencers and Flag, UXA, Red Cross (Redd Kross) at the Hong Kong

UXA, The Vidiots and 391 at Blackies. DeDetroit from UXA used to hire us a lot

The Blades, Secret Hate and the Hated at Dancing Water in San Pedro. We were friends with Secret Hate and a bunch of cool Long Beach bands at the time.

The Smog Marines and The Alcoholics. I worked with Arne Hurty from the Alcoholics at Mattel Toys in 1979, The Alcoholics was one of his bands. He went on to introduce me to the El Segundo friends like the Tom Hodder, The Flameouts and Beverly Hills.

Beast of Beast at the Anti Club, a Long Beach band that Brian Rat played bass in.

Alleycats, Rhino 39 and Black Flag at the Redondo Moose Lodge. Punk shows were starving for venues!

Deprogrammer at Bullwinkels

Alleycats, Rhino 39 Black Flag at the M*&^%

Actually I think it was the Moose Lodge. More south bay hardcore.

Alien at Dancing Waters, when you are House PA, much to our dismay back then, we sometime had to step outside of the preferred"Punk" genre.

1979 or 1980 The Feat League was a "Dance Event" and the guy promoted a bunch of them, I wish I could remember his name. It was new wave music and one of the first shows we ever did PA for

1979 or 1980 Another Feat League dance

Living near The Church where all the SST bands rehearsed was where huge for Rat. Black Flag and Sonic Youth being our first big touring break that happened 5 and 10 years later.

Smog Marines, Reactors and the Alcoholics at Blackies.JPG

Wall of Voodoo and X at the Hong Kong

Jennifer from L7 liked the sound, don't remember when this was but it was long before we toured with them or ever knew them them.

Black Flag Loose Nut Sticker. This was the last Flag tour and the 3rd for Rat.


Here are some old concert tickets, Had to actually pay to go to some shows.

  • 10/11/79 The Clash at the Hollywood Palladium, London Calling Tour.
  • 11/8/80 The Stranglers at the Whiskey, Hollywood
  • 5/1/81 The Stranglers at Perkins Palace in Pasadena
  • 3/8/80 Dead Kennedy's at the Whiskey
  • 12/7/79 Sham 69 and the Dead Kennedy's at the Whiskey
  • 2/8/80 The Specials at the Whiskey

Circle Jerks, The Germs and UXA at Kings Palace

Here is a flyer for Mad Dash and Information in Big Bear. Information was one of our Long Beach band/friends We drove the Rat van up there to a near empty show but had a blast.

Here is a Black Flag Newsletter from the final Flag tour, In My Head. Greg Ginn writes about the current SST and Flag stuff at the time.

The Back of the Flag Flyer has tour dates and it makes for good reading if you are a Flag fan and/or want some old Rat history.

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