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Jack's Third Show - Jack FM Los Angeles

On Saturday 27th September, Rat Sound provided sound reinforcement for the third live show for "Jack-FM" radio.
Jack FM is known for "playing what they want" and the DJ free radio station has a huge playlist
of hits from the 60's right through to today. Their third radio show
featured artists Billy Idol, REO Speedwagon, Blondie, the Psychedelic Furs, Twisted Sister and
headliners, Devo, all playing to a full crowd at the Orange County Verizon Amphitheatre.

L'Acoustics was the main PA of choice featuring forty four V-Dosc, sixteen dV-Dosc and thrity Rat Subs.
Monitor wedges again were L'Acoustics and their HiQ's. Four Yamaha PM5D 's were brought
for the four out of the six bands who did not bring their own FOH and monitor consoles.
"In a festival situation where changeovers are tight, we love the PM5D's as bands
can save their files during soundcheck and then just go right in to play with no time lag or problems",
explained Rat's Jon Monson backing up the decision of choice of console.

On hand to man the two Yamaha PM5D's at FOH were Andy Turner and Dave Williams
and at monitor position were Monitor engineers, Dustin Deluna and Tim Engwall.

Rat's Sara Holt, Neal Shelton, Manny Perez and Kyle Rogan handled patching and Stage tech duties.

Main Gear:

Main PA
2 Main Clusters each with 14 V-dosc and 6 dV-dosc
2 side clusters each with 8 V-dosc
30 Rat Dual 18" Subs
dV-dosc Front Fills

2 Yamaha PM5D-RH
4 x DBX 160XT, 1 x Summit DCL200, 2 x Empirical Labs Distressor, 1 x Yamaha SPX990, 1 x TC D2 delay
4 x XTA DP448

2 x Yamaha PM5D
24 x L'Acoustics HiQ Wedges
Lab Gruppen Amplifiers
6 x L'Acoustics ARCS
4 x Rat Dual 18" Subwoofers

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