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Rat Plate

Killswitch Engage Tour January / February 2008

Sound Company: Rat Sound
Tour Managers: Jimmy P.
Production Managers: Jordan Coopersmith
FOH Engineer: Jordan Coopersmith
Monitor Engineer: Bob Strakele


Console: Digidesign Venue System
Speakers: L’Acoustics V-Dosc, dV-Dosc, ARCs, Rat Dual 18” Subwoofer
Amps: L’Acoustics LA48A, Crest 7001, Crown 2400, Crown 3600
Processing: XTA DP428, TC D-Two, TC 2290, Summit DCL200


Console: Yamaha PM5D-RH
Speakers: ARC speakers, Rat Dual 18” Subwoofer, l’Acoustics HI-Q
Amps: L’Acoustics LA 48A, Crest 7001, Chevin Q6, Crest 4801,
Mics: Sennheiser e609, e904, Shure SM58, 57, beta 52, 91, 98d/s, 58, 57, KSM32, Audix Om7, AT 4050, KSM109, 137, Radial J48V
Snake: Rat Mass Iso Splitter, Whirlwind 2 Way splitter, Whirlwind snake.

Killswitch and Lamb of God Co-Headlining Tour December 2007

Killswitch Engage -Co Headline
Lamb of God - Co Headline
Devil Driver

Tour Managers
Jimmy P. Killswitch
Brian Griffin L.O.G

Production Managers
Jordan Coopersmith - Killswitch
Jay Chiari - L.O.G

FOH Engineers
Jordan Coopersmith - Killswitch
Bozz Porter - L.O.G
Eddie Oertell - Devil Driver
Bo Sorenson - Soilwork

Monitor Engineers
Bob Strakele - Killswitch
Brian Griffin L.O.G
Daniel Bonneau - Devil Driver
Daniel Bonneau - Soilwork

Rat Crew
Lee Vaught Crew Chief \ V-Dosc CVE
Daniel Bonneau Monitor Engineer
Taka - System Tech \ Stage Tech

Bob, Mons for Killswitch

bozz foh LOG

eddie foh devil driver, LOG


Jordon FOH Killswitch

Killswitch Lamb of God

killswitch theatre foh

Lamb of God


monitor world


sicksteak production office

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