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Rat Plate

Maroon 5 Honda Civic Tour 2005

Sound Company :
Rat Sound
Bands FOH Engineer : Bryan Boyt
Band Monitor Engineer : Andy Ebert
Monitor Technician: Mark Humphries
System Technician: Nick Brisbois
Assistant Technician: Jamie Harris
Tour Manager: Fred Kharrazi
Production Manager: Joe Lennane

FOH Console: Midas Heritage 3000, Midas Verona
Speakers: L-Acoustics Vdosc, dv-dosc, ARC, Rat Subwoofer
Amps: Crown MA5000,MA3600,MA2400, Crest 7001
Processing: Manley VOX Box, Yamaha SPX990,2000, DBX 160a, Drawmer DS201, Eventide H3000, TC 2290, XTA DP226

Console: Midas Heritage 3000, Midas Verona
Speakers: Rat S Wedge, Rat Trap Sidefill
Amps: Crest 7001, Chevin Q6
Processsing: Avalon 737, Lexicon PCM80, Yamaha SPX990, Drawmer DS201, BSS DOR404 PEM: Shure PSM700


FOH Rack

FOH Board


Maroon 5


Rehersal Press Day

Media Day - Jamie on Monitors

The Honda Civic

Monitor Console

Monitor Racks

Jamie and Many

Andy Ebert - Monitor Eng.

Brian Boyt FOH eng.

Nick the Fly

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