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Rat Plate

Some pics from By the Way Tour

Euro promo tour, Rat Wedges on the Top of The Pops set

Gig on a roof in Germany in the rain


Pre Production

Those wonderful Euro buses.

Checking into another hotel

Grier and Scott, laundry day in Germany

Tim builds things

Scott, Tracy and Chris and another Euro bus

Punter gets inspired

Dave Lee, Lumpy and Bill. We miss you Lumpy!



Rammstien Rules!

Sometimes catering is better than others

Vegas show at the apartment building

Toronto Radio broadcast

Molson Gig

Mexico Shows and Rat crew (Andy, Jon, Doc and Nic)

Sometimes you need a shotgun to guard the production office

Costa Rica

More Costa Rica

George, Tracy and Chris in Panama

Caracas, Venezuela and a sobering reminder of poverty.

Caracas Venezuela


Dave Lee making a friend in Bangkok

Making Friends in singapore

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