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Here are some pictures from Peppers tours in 1999.  Most of the photos are of the crew.

OK, we are on our way to Europe.
Left to right (Scott, Brian, Dave Lee, Chris Kansy, Chris Warren, Lyssa B and Tracy)

200,000 people show up for a show in Red Square, Moscow.

Lots of Russian cops, check out the Darth Vader helmets.

And the show in Moscow.

We played a 1700 year old Roman Amphitheater n Nimes, France.

Brian, Dave Lee and Tracy check out old stuff, only 8 hours till show time.

The same place with lots of people. Picture is from stage.

The whole crew getting ready to fly home from the Euro festival run.

Scott, Lyssa, Grier, Louie and Dave Rat at the not so acoustically optimum venue in Santiago, Chile.

The stage crew in Chile.

Funny guy.

Scott flies the plane to Buenos Aires

Our cheery production manager, Grier.

More Photos
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