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Rat Plate

Pearl Jam 2006 Tour USA Leg 1

Recording Engineer: John burton
House Engineer: Greg Nelson
Monitor Engineer: Karrie Keyes
Crew Chief: Tommy LBC thru June / Andy Turner June onwards
System Engineer: Kevin McKenzie
Monitor Tech: Beter Baigent
Technician: Taka and Jamie Harris

House Console: Yamaha PM1D
Monitor Console: Midas Heritage 3000
House Speakers: VDosc, Kudos, DV, Rat Subs
Monitor Speakers: Rat Microwedges, Rat S Wedges, Rat Sides and Rat Micro Subs.
Personal Monitor Systems: Sennheiser G2s and Future Sonics
House Amplifiers: Crest,7001, 4801 Lab Gruppen, Crown 2400, 3600, MA500X
Monitor Amplifiers: Crest 7001, Chevin Q6
Hardwired Mics: Audix, Shure, Sennheiser
Wireless Mics: Audix

FOH Equipment: XTA DP428, KT DN3600, DPR 404, DPR 901, TC D2, lexicon PCM 80, Empirical Labs Distressor, Smart research C2

Monitor Equipment: BSS 960 EQ, PCM60, BSS DPR404, Aphex Dominators, KT DN401 EQ, Speck Pre Amp 5.0, TC D2 Delay

Andy Turner

Eddie Vedder PJ

G reg Nelson FOH Engineer

Jamie Harris

Joey Ramone Place

Karrie and Peter

Karrie Keyes PJ Monitor Engineer

Kevin McKenzie

Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam Stage

Stage shot

Down time

L'Acoustics V-Dosc


Pearl Jam Sound Speaker world


Band Shot!

Stage Shot

Cool Lights

Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam againg

and more!


Pearl Jam Chicago


Peter Monitor Tech

Rat Stenciled Arcs

Tomy LBC

Tommy LBC and Ian Mackaye

Manhatten Skyline

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