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Fall 1996 Tour Dates

  Date   Place   Venue
09/16/1996  Seattle,WA  Key Arena
09/21/1996  Toronto, Ont.  Maple Leaf Gardens
09/22/1996  Toledo, OH   Savage Hall
09/231996     Off
09/24/1996  Columbia, MD  Maple Leaf Gardens
09/25/1996     Off
09/26/1996  Augusta, ME  Civic Center
09/27/1996     Off
09/28/1996  New York City  Downing Stadium
09/29/1996  New York City  Downing Stadium
09/30/1996     Off
10/01/1996  Buffalo, NY  Marine Midland Arena
10/02/1996  Hartford, CT  The Meadows
10/03/1996     Off
10/04/1996  Charlotte, NC  Memorial Stadium
10/05/1996  Charleston, SC  North Charleston Coliseum

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