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Here are some Rage pics from the last few tours

Some of the Rage U2 tour crew
Matt, Brian, Keith, Slim, Jimmy,and Jeff
The U2 set with the giant "N" from "Ncdonalds"
Brian Rat, Dave Rat, Ford and Zack in Bangkok
Brian Chu blending with the locals in Manila
Timmy Chunks supporting Pepsi
Our 3 cool security guys
Pete, Marcus and Smitty
We had Delicate Productions lighting system
The crew supporting Delicate
Pete, Jon Rat, Joe Paul, Smitty, Brian Rat, Chuck and Dick
Chris gets a cake for his BD. But cant seem to make out what it is on there.
Sometimes the rooms are not ready, so we wait.
Uh oh! Dave Rat in trouble again, imagine that!
Jim Vincent
Joe Paul check out.
Jon Monson does a bit o work
Pete gets quite the phone bill. Due to hotel incompetence
Boy does the view at The Gorge suck or what?
The Rage set and Jon's back.
Smitty and Shirty, tough guys
Almost all the 97 US tour crew on the day we go home (9/21/97).
Jon, Smitty, Pete, Brian, Dave, Ford, John, Jimmy, Chris, Nick, Chuck and Pete.


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