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Rat Plate

Sonic Youth
US 1998
Sound System
Equipment List

Speaker System 28 box, 28,000 watt stereo 5 way system with subs and tweeters on an aux sends.
16 RAT Trap 5 speaker enclosures (2x15"/2x10"/2")
12  Rat Sub Woofers (2x18")
Klark Teknik DN 800 X-over with optional tweeters on an aux send
Full rigging package to fly all the Rat Trap 5 cabs
Crest power amps
Ramsa WRS X1
1 BSS 960 stereo 1/3 octave EQ
Klark Teknik DN6000 Spectrum Analyzer + Mic
TC electronics M2000
TC electronics 2290
Eventide H3500
2 Yamaha SPX 990s
Roland SDE3000
10 ch. comp/lim (DBX/BSS/Behringer)
8 ch. gates (BSS/KT)
DAT recorder / player
Cassette deck
CD player
Intercom system

Snaking/Splitter System
52-channel 250 whirlwind custom Mass to Mass mic snake with 2 way split.

Monitor System:
Crest Century LM52 or Ramsa WRS 40
8 channels of Klark Teknik DN360 EQ
4 channels BSS gates
4 channels comp/lim (Aphex or Behringer)
1 Multi-FX unit (SPX 900/990)
10 wedges (dual 15"/10"/2")
2 4x12"/2"/1" Tri-amped sidefills
Amp power for 8 monitor mixes including thumper
Aura Systems Drum throne Shaker (thumper)

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